It is dependent on how we had been raised and I’m certain all of us have our so-called ‘dream job’ and even though some easily fancy the kind of cozy and gorgeous office roles sitting behind the table, this is entirely not my type. Earlier to this, I was disillusioned into thinking that office job was the way to go. I recall the days when I was in college and watch those people in their business attire, I deemed they were brilliant. Naturally, I was genuinely energized after college completion and was determined to map my career success.

It is now two year right after my graduation and things are no longer exactly similar as they always appear to me. I began to recognize that in actuality, corporate world is not as wonderful as what I visualized assume it. No, I am not a failure. I actually had gotten myself into one of the fortune 500 firms across the world and that is a fact, I will be able convey you. Subsequent to struggling 2 years of agony being seated behind the cubical everyday and waiting for the clock hand to hit past 6 pm, I made the decision that enough is enough.

Some individuals I spoke with label me of acting hotheaded but I can guarantee you that it is not the case and before calling it quit, I did my research and look around my classmates who happened to graduate from the same batch as me. The upsetting truth is while I saw some of them to be great, most weren’t and they are dreadful about their lifestyle almost certainly to the extent that I did. It is not with regards to the pay. As many of us were working in basically money making corporations, we were well recognized monetarily.


Had it be that I was searching for a stable job, I would stick on with my job. However it is the office politics that turned me off. I made an effort but I could not be who I’m not to be. I hate it when I have to dispute for the purpose of arguing instead of to make progress. I imagine myself twenty and 30 years in the future and picture how miserable life would definitely be if I had to be caught in such ‘corporate jail’. My life is too priceless, I divulged to myself. Ever since my commitment to call it quit, I did not look backward and it is a commitment that I won’t regret.

While not everybody was fortunate enough to do it, I was able to accumulate meaningful financial savings from my 2 years of corporate pursuit and that allowed me to chase my dream in life. While my obsession is unusually demanding (you know how kitchen functions) and tiring, I am delighting myself all the time and time just passes on without me ever realizing it.

This blog is part of my leisure pursuit and side activities. I treat it as my personal diary, albeit a digital one. If you think my articles or blog posts valuable, that is good. If not, thank you for stopping by.

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