Reed diffusers are fragrance products that can be used to add natural scents to a room or home. It comes with three parts: a container, scented oils and the reeds. They come in a number of different scents and fragrances that are slowly released over time, which allows them to last a lot longer than fragrance products like candles and air fresheners. They are also much safer, as they do not require a flame to work, but instead just release the fragrance when the reed is dipped into the vessel and saturated with the odor. Here is some information about the best selling reed diffuser on the market today.

Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser
This full bodied diffuser is designed to fill the home with unique and long lasting aromas. It uses only the finest concentrated aroma oils that will last for up to several months. You will get the fragrance, reeds, as well as a handsome vessel. It comes in a variety of aromas including Clean Crisp White, Mandarin, Island Grapefruit, Black Ginger, Deep Glover and Red Currant among others.

Nest Fragrances NEST08-Grapefruit Scented Reed Diffuser

This alcohol free formula comes with a stylish vessel, reeds and 5.9 ounces of fragrance. It will last for up to 90 days, which makes it ideal for those that are looking for a long lasting smell for their home. The grapefruit aroma contains hints of pink pomelo, lily of the valley and coriander blossom. The intensity of the aroma can be increased just by flipping the reeds over occasionally.

WoodWick Redwood Mini Reed Diffuser
This handsome set gives you all of the fragrance you need without the hassle and danger of a flame. It comes with a nice looking vessel, as well as ten reeds that are infused with essential oils and fragrance for long lasting aroma for the whole house. The fragrance is a combination of redwood, sandalwood and soft amber for a natural aroma that harkens the scents of the forest.

Paddywax Library Collection 4 oz. Boxed Reed Diffuser

This popular diffuser comes with a fragrance that is a blend of Gardenia, Jasmine and Tuberose. It uses only natural products and no synthetics in the fragrance. This set comes with a glass holder, natural reeds and 4 ounces of fragrance that is packaged inside of gift box that can be reused. The fragrance will last up to four months, which makes it ideal for people that don’t want to switch out their air freshener all of the time.

Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser, 7.75 ounce box
This stylish diffuser releases a fragrance that contains the crisp smell of Siberian Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood. It comes in a good looking vessel that will not only help the home smell better but also add some visual beauty. The fragrance is captures in graceful bamboo reeds that slowly release the aroma over time. This long lasting fragrance is ideal for anyone that wants a natural smelling home. The reeds can be turned occasionally to increase their power and life.

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