Prevention is always better than cure. For some  instance, fever caused by coughs and colds are not prevented due to seasons change and bad weather temperatures. But if you have a strong and healthy immune system the treatment is fast.

Here are some tips to prevent from having a fever. And also good to treat your fever. I apply this practice for myself and is very helpful to my kids as well, with or without a fever.

Drink plenty of fluids, is always the doctors advice. Warm or hot drinks like peppermint and chamomile tea added with some honey and lemon works wonder. On winter days, I always serve soups every meal.

Have a steam shower to moisturize and clean the nasals from irritation, and a good way to warm your body. When colds and coughs strikes, I add a few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus oils to the hot tubs to soothes and benefits the aromatherapy.

Supplement your body with vitamin C and zinc rich fruits and vegetables. You can have it fresh cuts or blended. I preferred blended fruits and vegetables to ensure I got all the essential fruits to have everyday. And it’s much easier to sip juice and smoothies on soared throat.

Be sure to gurgle and wash your hands every time you arrived home from work or school. This is the number one rule I implemented to my family.

I always have humidifier at home especially on dry weather. This is to add moisture to the air to soothe sinuses and helps easy breathing at night while sleeping.

Lastly, I make sure our home is clean, dust and bacteria free from allergies. A sanitized home is the best prevention we can do to keep away from viruses that is floating in the air. Having an air purifier is the best decision I ever had to help me fight against allergies causing fever.

Be the best doctor for your family, secure your family from getting ill. When kids gets sick all the family members are likely to catch the disease.

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